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60 seconds Book review: Facebook marketing, by Dan Zarrella & Alison Zarrella

Domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

The Facebook marketing book

Facebook, who is not talking something about the famous social website? With the population of a small country and even a movie with several nominations to the Oscar, you have to wonder if is not a good idea to at least to understand how deep is the interaction between their users and the marketers.

So, why I’m doing a review of a book obviously targeted to marketers and Facebook? There are several answers:

  • It pays off to understand how users interact with the site and how this information is being used by marketers to contact you. That way you can protect yourself and be more selective to what you publish on the side
  • You are writing a social application and you want it to be popular. Some times developers are disconnected with the user needs and this book, believe it or not, can help to fill some gaps

But let’s focus about the book and what you will find inside (follow this link for the full table of contents).

The good:

The book is well organized, easy to read and with self contained chapters (so it can be later used as a reference material, skipping to the topics you want to re-check). There is a intuitive progression of what is Facebook, what are the main features that can be used to promote your content and finally how you can track your effort progress, all without leaving Facebook. Worth mention is than the authors promote ‘non-spamming’ marketing, respecting the users and instead trusting on your skills to promote your brand on the site (Like Seth Goding on his famous book).

The bad:

The authors mention the FML (Facebook markup language), applications that use the Facebook graph API and yet they don’t provide a single link on how to code those features; Many marketers (believe it or not) are hands-on with coding, and even if they are not they want to know more before hiring a programmer to do the implementation for them.


It is an easy to read and well organized book. Also its small size makes it ideal to keep around the office bookshelf. Be aware than it is not a developer book, but developers still can learn one thing or two by reading it.

Kodegeek stars: 3 of 5.

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