Apple Iphone is released: Photos from 5th avenue

The Cube never looked so beautiful for some

Today I took a break from my trading floor duties to take some pictures at the Apple store; I was expecting a big crowd and I was not disappointed.


It was really funny seeing several TV channels like Fox News and bloggers treating the fans) or customers I must say) as rock stars. There was a heavy police presence but unlike the Nintendo Wii launch here nobody fought to get an Iphone.

Line around FAO toy store in 5th avenue
Waiting in line to get one

What about me? I just took my pictures, smiled seeing all this frenzy around the “Jesus Phone” and got back to work for a couple of hours on several corporate actions that needed to be modeled and executed in our trading system 😀

Capturing the moment
15 minutes of fame

The rest of my photos on my flickr account.

3 thoughts on “Apple Iphone is released: Photos from 5th avenue

  1. Excelentes fotos 🙂
    aquí estuvo más o menos igual de crowded…
    y qué bueno que tampoco caíste en la tentación!
    saludos JV

  2. Como me hubiese gustado estar allí, no se muy bien si como organizadora o como espectadora!

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