Falco (with Prometheus and Grafana integrations)

I decided to share the code and configuration files I used on the Securing mixed clouds using Falco, Prometheus, Grafana and Docker tutorial.

The whole idea was to document my experience of learning Falco and its integration with other frameworks like Prometheus and Grafana.

Installation/ setup

You can clone the git repository and install in development mode:

python -m venv ~/virtualenv/Falco
. ~/virtualenv/Falco/bin/activate
pip install --editable .

Generating the diagrams

After all the dependencies are installed it should be easy to do:

falco_diagram.py tutorial/falco_monitoring

Experimenting, building the package

If you want to create both the source distribution and wheel you can do this:

python -m venv ~/virtualenv/Falco
. ~/virtualenv/Falco/bin/activate
python -m build

Then you can copy/ install to another machine.

I recommend you take a look at the Tutorial to get the full picture and overview of the other scripts included on this distribution.

Tutorial files are not packaged when I run python -m build

It is on purpose, I only want to package the scripts on the distribution. The best way to read the tutorial is by cloning the distribution (wich you probably did if you are reading this)

Last bits

I hope you enjoy this code, please report any bugs or leave your comments.